Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of training! Have a friend/loved one you want introduced to firearms safety and manipulation? Want to train with a friend who loves to shoot? Know someone who wants to know more about concealed carry, but doesn't know where to go?

Buy them a PRT Gift Certificate---the certificate is open-ended, so that they can pick any date available for that class, and learn to be a better shooter. (Well, technically not any date---they do expire after about 5 years.)

We actually offer gift certificates for every class, but currently our "Schedule of Classes" page is directly set up so that you can buy certificates for the Introduction to Handguns course, the Fundamentals course, and the CCW-101 Lifestyle course. If you are interested in a gift certificate for any other class, send us an email and we'll get it set up for you.

Instructions for buying the gift certificate:

  1. Go to the Schedule of Classes page
  2. Add to your cart whatever classes you plan to attend, including as many gift certificates as you would like to buy.
  3. When checking out, make sure to enter your payment information correctly, and include your correct email address.
  4. When we receive your registration information (if you have also registered for a class for yourself) and your gift certificate application (which looks remarkably like a registration to us) we will send you an email asking what name you want put on the gift certificate.
  5. Once you respond, we will email you a PDF of a Precision Response Training Gift Certificate made out to that specific person, for the class you chose, which you can print out and give to them. If they happen to lose it, you can print out another copy for them. (Or send them the PDF via email.) The important parts of the certificate are the name and the certificate number.

Instructions for USING the gift certificate:

  1. Go to the Schedule of Classes page
  2. Register for a specific date for the class, then go through the checkout procedure.
  3. Under "Payment Options", use "Pay by Check" for your payment method.
  4. When the final page comes up, fill in the "Check Number" space with your gift certificate number like this:
  5. When you do this, make CERTAIN that the certificate number is correct, and matches the name of the person registering! Then click the button to confirm your order.
  6. We'll register you for the class!

Know someone who just got their first handgun for Christmas or their birthday? Just bought their first concealment holster? Help them get trained! Add a gift certificate in the Class Registration area. (The gift certificates are below the schedule of classes.)